When the Son Gets in Your Eyes

February 5, 2017
Pastor Steve Pruett shares from Revelation chapter 1, where the Apostle John sees Jesus in a way that affects him deeply. As we look closer, there are several encouragements and…

Devoted to the Fellowship

January 29, 2017
There is something special about the local church. Even in the early days of Christian history, the church was a special place where people were devoted to one another. This…

Devoted to Prayer

January 22, 2017
One of the defining characteristics of early Christians was they way they remained devoted to prayer. In this message, Pastor Shannon explores the nature of prayer, its power, and its…

Devoted to the Word

January 15, 2017
As we begin a new year, it is good to remember what God has provided for the church - especially the treasure of God's Word captured for us in the…

The Threat of Jesus

January 8, 2017
Matt Patterson shares two historical perspectives of Jesus, through the eyes of King Herod and John the Baptist. They were each challenged with what to do with Jesus and responded…

Debt and Love

September 11, 2016
Jesus demonstrated incredible grace and forgiveness at a dinner party toward an uninvited guest. His offer of grace and forgiveness is open to you and I as well.

The Miracle of New Life

August 28, 2016
The transformation that takes place when a person places their trust in Jesus is nothing short of a miracle. Check out how Ephesians 2 paints a picture of this miracle…

God Did It!

August 14, 2016
God's amazing declaration that begins Romans chapter 8 - that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus - is both amazing and life-changing. Pastor Shannon's message…

Hope for Change

July 17, 2016
Does it ever feel like some things will never change? Does it ever feel like some people will never change? Josh Mack shares from Titus 2 that we have a…

Proven – Romans 8:31-32

July 10, 2016
In the face of challenging times, it can be helpful to remember simple truths. Truths that have been proven over time. Truths like God is for us and God loves…

Do Not Judge

May 29, 2016
When Jesus said, "Do Not Judge," what did he mean? Is it possible he meant something different than most people seem to have understood? How does what he meant apply…

Psalm 118

April 17, 2016
Guest Speaker Matthew Pettit invites us to explore the beauty of Psalm 118, and to apply the lessons it holds to our lives today.